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Stage 3 consultations for Sizewell C & D took place from 4 January to 29 March 2019, and EDF could be applying for planning consent within 12 months. Watch our “Sizewell Hero” video below, and then click Take Action to send a message of concern to EDF.

EDF’s plans to build two new nuclear reactors at Sizewell in east Suffolk will have a devastating impact on this unique and magical place, and especially on the villages of Theberton and Eastbridge and the local environment. The construction of Sizewell C&D must not be allowed to destroy the lives of local residents, or the qualities that make this area of Suffolk, and the Minsmere Reserve, so special and so popular with visitors:  the peace, tranquility, dark night skies, beautiful landscapes, fragile coastline and rich wildlife.

We oppose the building of what is effectively a new town for 2,400 construction workers so close to Minsmere and the tiny, peaceful hamlet of Eastbridge, and the route that EDF has chosen for a relief road. Given the lack of detail in EDF’s proposals, TEAGS has joined other groups in calling for a further stage of consultation.

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Theberton & Eastbridge Action Group on Sizewell - TEAGS
Theberton & Eastbridge Action Group on Sizewell - TEAGS21 hours ago
Flamanville is back in the news! ASN (the French nuclear inspectorate) have told EDF they have to either fix the faulty welds or reinforce the plant prior to the reactor moving forward. The repair of the welds is feasible but reinforcing the plant would be difficult as the plant was not designed for such post build modifications. There also appears to be a skills shortage in France for people who are capable of doing the welding work which means the plant may not be ready until 2022. This additional work and delay will probably raise the cost of the development from an already high Euro 10.9bn.
With a track record like this, do we really want EDF building unpredictably expensive nuclear reactors in this country?
Also, with new funding avenues being sought from pension funds and the like as part of the Regulated Asset Base funding approach, do we really want our pension providers, banks and government (read you and me as tax payers) to get their fingers burned in this sort of unpredictable investment?
Meanwhile Wylfa is back in the news with the Welsh first Minister stating he still supported the project but called on the developers (who at this point have suspended their proposed development for financial reasons) to ensure that the influx of workers should not impact local services, disadvantaging the Anglesey population. Perhaps EDF should be reminded of this request for both Hinkley Point and any future Sizewell or Bradwell development.
Theberton & Eastbridge Action Group on Sizewell - TEAGS
Theberton & Eastbridge Action Group on Sizewell - TEAGS1 day ago
“we seem incapable of choosing big projects that offer value for money. The runaway financial train that is Hinkley Point nuclear power station is unfortunately too far down the tracks to stop now, while the socially and environmentally radioactive HS2 received yet another mauling this week.”
Theberton & Eastbridge Action Group on Sizewell - TEAGS
Theberton & Eastbridge Action Group on Sizewell - TEAGS2 days ago
Check out our objection at https://teags.org/objection-to-sizewell-b-facilities-relocation/.

You can object too - the deadline is 5pm, Thursday 23 May - by emailing planning@eastsuffolk.gov.uk, or writing to East Suffolk Council Planning, Riverside, 4 Canning Road, Lowestoft, NR33 0EQ, referencing application DC/19/1637/FUL. You can use the points in our objection (link above) or in the article below.
Theberton & Eastbridge Action Group on Sizewell - TEAGS
Theberton & Eastbridge Action Group on Sizewell - TEAGS2 days ago
"One of the first things that Theresa May did after she unexpectedly became Prime Minister in the early summer of 2016 was to review a decision made by her predecessor, David Cameron, allowing Chinese state investment in a new British nuclear power plant. Her decision marked a distinct change from the enthusiastic embrace of all forms of trade with China that had distinguished the tenure of Cameron and his Chancellor, George Osborne, and it introduced a concern about national security that had been generally played down before.

The UK government had long been extremely cautious about permitting Russian involvement in the UK energy sector, while denying that politics had anything to do with it. Now it seemed that some of the same caution was going to be applied to China.

In the end, after a two-month delay - and discussions with civil servants about whether there was any way the Government could renegotiate or even back out of its contract – Chinese funding for the new power station, at Hinkley Point in the west of England, was given a green light, but with “significant new safeguards”. The nature of the safeguards was not defined, but the message was clear. Mrs May’s government was going to ask more questions about Chinese investment in the UK than its predecessor had, and national security was a reason why."

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4 days ago
Yesterday's UK solar generation 9.47GW higher than all 3 planned new nuclear stations #Hinkleyc, #sizewell c and #bradwellb. https://t.co/a3vwlKW6ak
1 week ago
Join us on #SuffolkDay 21 June for a guided circular walk to #SizewellC site starting @EelsFootInn 4pm. Let's enjoy it it while we can! Details here https://t.co/OQ4qwn6Kve
1 week ago
Surely now @edfenergy will stop its dangerous plans for #SizewellC

Climate crisis: flooding threat ‘may force UK towns to be abandoned’ https://t.co/MjKp8mAxZS
@edfesizewellc @SayNo2SizewellC @Jennife15046404 @TEAGonSizewell @SmithLyte

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