Accommodation Presentation 7 January

Notes of the Presentation on EDF’s Accommodation Proposals by Gordon McInnes, TEAGS; Public Meeting 7 January 2017.

On accommodation there are two questions and two pages of text and one set of layout options in the Summary Consultation Document to help you answer.

Q1 is on Accommodation Strategy. Some of you – particularly those familiar with the local housing market – may wish to look at the more detailed Main Consultation Document to challenge EDF assumptions for 2000 home-based workers living within 90 minutes travel time, 1200 workers in rented accommodation, B&Bs and caravans within 60 minutes travel time leaving 2400 workers to be located in purpose-built campus accommodation.

EDF has dropped 2 options for a campus on edge of Leiston and wants to build the campus on the construction site – for their and their contractors’ convenience.

This would add to traffic on B1122 and to noise and light pollution from the construction site. It could also bring social problems as was the case with the much smaller SZB campus.

You are asked in Q2 to indicate the appropriateness of 3 options for campus layout – on one or both sides of Eastbridge Road and with and without sports facilities. Options include buildings varying between 3 and 5 storeys, totally out of keeping with the surrounding area and villages. The proposals include parking for 1500 vehicles.

You might also wish to use the Q2 response box to indicate your ideas on alternatives for housing 2400 workers and to emphasise the opportunity for legacy housing (rather than build, use and remove as currently proposed).

For example, EDF has split campus accommodation at HPC over 3 sites, 2 of them located in Bridgewater some 10 miles from the build. Another company NUGEN planning to build a nuclear power station in Cumbria has proposed locating workers at 3 sites on the edge of villages 2-7 miles from the build. NUGEN is inviting comments on legacy options in its consultation questionnaire and is looking at how best to integrate workers into the local communities.

EDF was reluctant to consider legacy housing but on Thursday indicated that it was now prepared to do so.

Please use the opportunity of the response boxes to be clear on what you would like to see and not see, and feel free to entirely reject all proposals you do not agree with.


Theberton and Eastbridge Action Group on Sizewell


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