Objection to Sizewell B facilities relocation

EDF has applied for planning permission to relocate and “upgrade” facilities at Sizewell B – application DC/19/1637/FUL . TEAGS opposes this application and encourages supporters to send objections to East Suffolk Council. Send an email to planning@eastsuffolk.gov.uk, or write to East Suffolk Council Planning, Riverside, 4 Canning Road, Lowestoft, NR33 0EQ, by 5pm on Thursday 23 May, referencing application DC/19/1637/FUL.

TEAGSs’ view is that EDF’s application should only be considered as part of a Sizewell C Development Consent Order (DCO) procedure for the following reasons:

  • The primary purpose for relocating Sizewell B facilities is to make space for Sizewell C. It would be inappropriate to approve a development that would remove around 90% of Coronation Wood and up to 50% of Pill Box Field when the DCO request for Sizewell C has neither been submitted nor approved, and when the National Policy Statement on site selection for new nuclear reactors is under review.
  • The cumulative impact on communities and the environment of this proposal and other proposed energy infrastructure will be considerable. The County Council and former Suffolk Coastal District Council have worked hard to ensure these projects are designated as Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs), and given the interconnectedness of this application with EDF’s Sizewell C proposals, we consider it is inappropriate to exclude this part of the project from the NSIP / DCO process.
  • In the event of Sizewell C not going ahead, it would be unacceptable for landscape to have been destroyed for no reason. EDF should be able to upgrade its facilities without further damage to the landscape.
  • With the interconnectedness of this project with Sizewell C, we consider it is ironic that EDF is seeking permission from East Suffolk Council when the County Council and former Suffolk Coastal District Council – major statutory consultees – are withholding their support for Sizewell C.
  • For more information, view or download our full response below.

Stage 3 Responses Submitted

Read the TEAGS response at https://teags.org/stage-3-response/

Press Release, 29 March 2019

Campaign Groups slam inadequate Sizewell C & D proposals and unanimously call for further stage of consultation

Campaigners from Theberton and Eastbridge Action Group on Sizewell (TEAGS), B1122 Action Group and Minsmere Levels Stakeholder Group – together with Theberton & Eastbridge Parish Council, Middleton Parish Council and the Sizewell Parishes Liaison Group today jointly handed in their responses to EDF’s Stage 3 proposals on Sizewell C & D, on what is the final day of the consultation period.

Alison Downes of TEAGS said “Our Groups are unanimous in calling for an additional stage of consultation given the lack of detail provided by EDF and the substantial opposition to major planks of its proposals – transport and accommodation – and significant concern about environmental impacts. Without a further stage of consultation, EDF could be applying for its Development Consent Order in only 12 short months – a prospect that is unthinkable.”

Paul Collins of TEAGS and MLSG said: “Our views on the potential ecological impacts of Sizewell C & D are shared by expert environmental organisations such as the AONB Partnership, the Suffolk Wildlife Trust and RSPB; in particular the risks to Minsmere and the threat to coastal processes are significant and cannot be mitigated. We consider that the site is too small and sensitive for such a massive project.”

Charles Macdowell of B1122 Action Group said: “EDF’s transport proposals have changed significantly since Stage 2 with poor solutions that we strongly oppose. We do not accept EDF’s Link Road / Theberton Bypass, nor the possibility of 24 hour HGV traffic. EDF needs to go back to the drawing board and re-examine the alternatives that it cursorily rejected. The solution must be worth having once the project is finished, especially considering the other energy projects proposed for this area.”


TEAGS: Co Chairs Alison Downes, 07711 843884 or Paul Collins, 07503 283304, info@teags.org.

B1122 Action Group: Chair Charles Macdowell c.n.macdowell@gmail.com, 01728 648217

Minsmere Levels Stakeholder Group: Joint Secretary Paul Collins (as above)

For Theberton & Eastbridge Parish Council, call Chair Stephen Brett 07503 320645

For Middleton Parish Council/Sizewell Parishes Liaison Group, call Roy Dowding 07729 013310


Letter, The Daily Telegraph, 21 March 2019

Sir – At £14 billion, the cost of building Sizewell C is huge, but there will be a much heavier price to pay on Suffolk’s beautiful heritage coast and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The impact on protected sites will be devastating.

Sizewell has been home to nuclear energy for almost 60 years, so it was no surprise that the site was selected for further development.

But what is being proposed is of a very different order to what has gone before. Sizewell C is planned to be as big as Sizewell A and Sizewell B put together, with woodland and fields destroyed to make way for it.

The recent collapse of nuclear projects at Moorside and Wylfa has brought Sizewell C to the top of the nuclear queue. With stage three of EDF’s consultations drawing to a close, the impact of the project is now known to be far greater than previously thought. We are deeply concerned that landscapes, wildlife and people in this unique part of the British Isles will suffer enormously.

For the past six years EDF has said that the materials for this enormous project could be substantially delivered by sea. But the company now says this is not possible due to the potential damage to the marine environment. So up to 1,500 lorries a day could soon be clogging Suffolk’s roads, delivering construction materials, disrupting the lives of residents and jeopardising the area’s £210 million a year tourism industry for the decade or more that it will take to build the plant.

In short, we believe that Sizewell C will industrialise a region known for its beauty, wildness and tranquillity. If the project cannot be delivered by sea and by rail, without encroaching on Suffolk’s Sites of Special Scientific Interest, Minsmere Reserve and the heritage coast, and carving up farms and communities, it should not be delivered at all.

William Kendall, Entrepreneur
Dr Andy Wood, OBE DL, Chief Executive, Adnams plc
Bill Turnbull, Broadcaster
Diana Quick, Actor
Cllr David Wood, Chairman, Suffolk Coast & Heaths AONB Partnership
Harry Young, Chair of The Suffolk Coast Destination Management Organisation
Caroline Cranbrook OBE,
Bill Nighy, Actor
Maggi Hambling, CBE, Painter and Sculptor
The Rt Hon Ben Gummer
Matthew Freud, Head of Freud Communications
Guy Heald, Chairman, Hotel Folk (formerly Thorpeness & Aldeburgh Hotels)
Michael Pritt, Owner, Wentworth Hotel, Aldeburgh
Hektor Rous, Henham Park
Melvin Benn, Managing Director of Latitude Festival
Ruth Watson, Restaurateur and Hotelier
Richard Ellis, Chairman of Original Cottages
Sir Kenneth Carlisle & Lady Carla Carlisle
Rev. Canon Christine Redgrave, Rector of the 8 parishes of the Yoxmere Benefice
Kenneth Sillito, FRAM, Artistic Director and violinist & Esmé Sillito, LRAM
Esther Freud, Novelist
Humphrey Burton, CBE, Writer and Broadcaster & Christina Burton
Helen Atkinson Wood, Actor
John Morton, Writer
Mark Hoare, RIBA, Architect
Paul Field, Tech Entrepreneur and Free Word trustee

Read online at  https://www.telegraph.co.uk/opinion/2019/03/21/letters-european-union-could-turn-short-delay-gradual-dissolving/

Daily Telegraph: Artists join business figures in opposing Sizewell C nuclear power station construction plans

Read online at  https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/03/20/artists-join-business-figures-opposing-sizewell-c-nuclear-power/

Artists join business figures in opposing Sizewell C nuclear power station construction plans
Patrick Sawer, senior news reporter

20 MARCH 2019 • 7:00PM
A coalition of actors, broadcasters and entrepreneurs is warning that building work to replace Sizewell nuclear power station will “lay waste” to swathes of Suffolk’s most idyllic landscape.

Bill Turnbull, the broadcaster; actors Bill Nighy and Diana Quick; the novelist Esther Freud and renowned sculptor Maggi Hambling are among those voicing their opposition to the movement of tons of construction materials and waste to and from the site.

They say the plans could mean 1,500 lorries a day thundering through the quiet Suffolk countryside, with construction work disrupting the lives of residents and carving up farms and communities for years to come.

The energy giant EDF Energy, which runs the Sizewell A and B nuclear power stations, is currently completing a public consultation exercise on plans to build a new replacement plant, Sizewell C, before submitting an application for development consent, with building work on the estimated £14 billion project due to start in 2021.

In an open letter published in today’s Daily Telegraph opponents say the plans will not only threaten an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), but also jeopardise the area’s lucrative tourism industry.

Campaigners, who also include Matthew Freud, the PR guru, Melvin Benn, who runs the Latitude music festival and Humphrey Burton, the classical music presenter and broadcaster, say the plans also threaten the viability of a number of Sites of Special Scientific Interest in the area, along with the RSPB’s famous Minsmere Reserve.

David Wood, chairman of the Suffolk Coast and Heaths AONB said: “The impact will be phenomenal. This is a designated national park that will be virtually cut in two for a minimum of 10 years.

“This is a fragile and beautiful landscape worth many millions a year in tourism and the impact will be devastating.”

The row comes after EDF announced its construction plans would involve transporting materials for the project by road to and from the A12 rather than by sea.

Previous proposals to transport the material along the coast, to and from a jetty at the site, were scrapped in the light of fears over the impact on marine wildlife and protected seabirds.

In the letter the campaigners, who also include Andy Wood, the chief executive of Adnams, the Suffolk brewery and hotelier, and actor Helen Atkinson-Wood, state: “We are deeply concerned that EDF Energy’s Sizewell C plans will lay waste to large portions of this rich and diverse part of the country.

“Landscapes, wildlife and residents of this unique part of the British Isles will suffer enormously.”

It adds: “This is not hyperbole – the level of disruption will jeopardise tourism to the AONB, valued at more than £210m/year, as holidaymakers no longer associate the area with peace and tranquillity, and seek to avoid traffic chaos caused by the construction of Sizewell C.”

Andy Wood told The Telegraph: “It’s not that I’m against new nuclear, it’s that I’m against the scale of this. It puts at serious risk the tourism economy that has grown substantially over the years.”

Among those who say their lives will be turned upside down by the building work is Paul Field, a tech entrepreneur who lives eight miles from the Sizewell plant.

He says EDF is planning to build a busy construction depot just yards from his family’s farmhouse, where he lives with his wife Michaela and their three daughters, effectively slashing thousands of pounds off the value of his property.

Mr Field, a former newspaper executive, says that their lives will be made a misery by the construction work.

“The last thing Michaela and I want for our daughters is the upheaval of moving from a home we love, but we accept there is no alternative,” he said. “EDF admits we will suffer ‘significant adverse effects’ from noise. At the peak of construction, 1,500 HGVs and 6,000 other vehicles would thunder past each day.”

EDF Energy said that it “takes  its responsibilities to the environment and local communities seriously” and that it had a  “good track record of looking after nature around our operating power station at Sizewell B”.

It added: “The environmental sensitivities of the local area have been a key consideration in the development of our proposals for Sizewell C.  Our ecologists have continued to undertake environmental surveys and identify likely impacts to help inform our proposals.  Our planners have worked with local councils to develop a transport strategy for workers and freight that minimises the impact on local roads.

“We understand that how our workers travel to site and how we move freight is important to local people during construction.  We will use rail as well as road transport and a beach landing facility to move freight.  Our aim is to maximise the huge benefits in jobs and skills for local people, especially the young, whilst minimising the environmental impact of the project.”

Press Release – Campaigners to attend Suffolk County Council Cabinet on 12 March

Press Release, 6 March 2019

Campaigners to attend Suffolk County Council Cabinet on 12 March

Energy Groups come together for Photocall at Endeavour House, 1pm

Campaigners from Theberton and Eastbridge Action Group on Sizewell (TEAGS), B1122 Action Group and Minsmere Levels Stakeholder Group will join other energy-related campaign groups at Suffolk County Council HQ next week, to hold a short colourful demonstration and to ask questions at the Cabinet meeting. The Cabinet will be discussing its draft joint response (with Suffolk Coastal District Council) to EDF’s Stage 3 Sizewell C & D consultations and Scottish Power Renewables’ Phase 4 East Anglia One (North) and Two Windfarm consultations.

Groups and communities are stepping up to protect the Suffolk coast from a ‘perfect storm’ of seven huge energy construction projects that threaten to industrialise the area. Bound by a common desire to protect the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the area’s wild beauty and tranquility, the groups are calling for more central government leadership to ensure that all the impacts are fully assessed and justified together.

When: Tuesday 12 March, 1pm (Cabinet meeting begins at 2pm)

Where: Suffolk County Council HQ, Endeavour House, Ipswich

Reaction to the Joint Councils’ draft response to EDF’s Stage 3 consultations:

Alison Downes of TEAGS said “We are glad the Councils are making a joint response, and that they are not yet persuaded that the benefits of Sizewell C & D outweigh the impacts, as in our view the impacts have significantly increased since Stage 2, especially since EDF has abandoned a marine-led transport strategy. We appreciate Councillor Smith’s recognition that EDF has underplayed these impacts.” [1]

Paul Collins of TEAGS and MLSG said: “The Councils’ expressed concerns about the ecological impacts of Sizewell C & D, the risks to Minsmere and the threat to coastal processes are all in tune with our own views and we would have liked to see these issues included among the items that the Councils are “not content” about. We also appreciate the Councils’ acknowledgement that the location of the accommodation campus at Eastbridge remains a local concern.“ [2]

Charles Macdowell of B1122 Action Group said: ‘We welcome the fact that the Councils cannot support  EDF’s proposed Link Road [3] – a route which we strongly oppose – nor the prospect of 24 hour HGV traffic. We very much support their view that alternative routes need to be reconsidered, with much lower impacts on local people and their communities.”

Addressing the Groups’ shared concerns about the multiple energy projects planned for the area, Michael Mahony of SASES, Alison Downes, Paul Collins and Charles Macdowell said: “We are being failed both by the developers and by government. It is farcical that EDF’s and Scottish Power Renewables’ final consultations are running simultaneously with no proper assessment of their collective impacts on local people, roads and the environment. The number and sheer scale of these  projects are simply too much for this area. Communities are feeling overwhelmed, and we want to see more visible political support. The buck stops in Westminster – and we want Ministers to come to Suffolk to address our concerns, and take action to prevent this beautiful area from being swamped and destroyed by multiple  energy developments.”


[1] Councillor Richard Smith said “We know from local knowledge and the feedback we have received through well informed community representation that some of the proposed impacts on the environment and our towns and villages would prove greater than which EDF Energy currently predicts.” https://www.eastsuffolk.gov.uk/news/suffolk-councils-response-to-sizewell-c-proposals/

[2] Point 12 b xi of the draft response.

[3] Point 12 b xv ii of the draft response. “The provision of a relief road for the B1122 is welcome but the option proposed is yet to be supported by sufficient evidence”.


TEAGS: info@teags.org. Co Chairs Alison Downes, 07711 843884 or Paul Collins, 01728 635097. www.facebook.com/teags.org, @TEAGonSizewell.

B1122 Action Group: Chair Charles Macdowell c.n.macdowell@gmail.com, 01728 648217 www.facebook.com/B1122relief


Suffolk residents pack out Theberton church to have their say on Sizewell C

PUBLISHED: 15:57 23 February 2019

Theberton church was full for the meeting called to discuss Sizewell C plans. Picture: PAUL GEATER

Theberton church was full for the meeting called to discuss Sizewell C plans. Picture: PAUL GEATER

Worried residents from across east Suffolk voiced their dismay about plans for Sizewell C at a public meeting near the proposed site on Saturday morning.

Hundreds of people attend nuclear plant public consultation in Theberton. The anti-Sizewell campaigners staged a big public meeting in St Peter’s Church, in Theberton

Theberton church, near Leiston, was packed out for a meeting to allow residents to voice their concerns about the proposed project.

This would see a new low-carbon twin reactor nuclear power station next to existing stations Sizewell A and B, the former having been shut down for decommissioning in 2006.

The meeting was chaired by broadcaster and Theberton resident Bill Turnbull who said it was important to give local people the chance to express their concerns about the proposals.

Residents have long been concerned that the plan will have long-lasting effects on the areas environment and tourist industry, while other issues such as roads, traffic and an anti-nuclear attitude were also voiced in the meeting organised by Theberton and Eastbridge Action Group on Sizewell (TEAGS).

Bill Turnbull chaired the meeting at Theberton Church. Picture: PAUL GEATERBill Turnbull chaired the meeting at Theberton Church. Picture: PAUL GEATER

TEAGS representative Charles McDowell said that “The link road they have proposed will cut parishes in two, breaks up fields and makes them inviable for farming.

“It makes you wonder if they [EDF] are out for revenge against the people of Theberton.”

The power station’s proximity to nationally renowned nature reserve, RSPB Minsmere ruffled feathers with residents concerned for the safety of the birds, and in turn the effect a downturn would have on the local tourism economy, worth £250 million.

Adam Rowlands, the RSPB’s Suffolk area manager, said: “In terms of flora and fauna in the area, this is a matter of international importance.”

Another resident said that the plans could see a ‘decimated natural environment’ left for his children and grandchildren.

County councillor Guy McGregor, who was responsible for the council’s previous response to the plan, said that although it would see opportunities for employment, the problems outweighed the benefits, highlighting the ‘constant stream’ of heavy goods vehicles that would create traffic and pollution.

EDF’s plans could see up to 1,500 HGVs on the county’s roads, in addition to the extra traffic that would be created by the construction of a new build town or campus which would house 2,400 workers at Eastbridge.

Richard Smith – who is now the county councillor leading negotiations with EDF – praised the efforts of TEAGS and residents, saying: “There is no better way for a community to voice its concerns like how you have. It sends a huge message to EDF.”

Mr Smith did warn however that the authority has ‘no direct power’, but urged residents to continue their campaign.

Press Release: Hundreds attend Public Meeting in frontline community

23 February 2019

Over 350 people crammed into Theberton Church this morning for a lively Public Meeting about EDF’s Sizewell C & D Stage 3 proposals. Co-hosted by Theberton and Eastbridge Action Group on Sizewell (TEAGS) and Theberton and Eastbridge Parish Council, the meeting was chaired by Theberton resident Bill Turnbull.

In addition to two sessions of comment and questions from the floor of the meeting, there were short presentations on the key issues; on Environment from Paul Collins (TEAGS and Minsmere Levels Stakeholder Group); People and Economy from Stephen Brett (TEAGS and Chair of the Parish Council) and Roads from Charles Macdowell (B1122 Action Group Chair). Alison Downes of TEAGS rounded up with guidance on how to respond to the consultations, and a leaflet was handed out containing this information as well as a summary of the key issues. The leaflet and notes from the presentations are available online at www.teags.org/a4

Alison Downes, Co Chair of TEAGS, said: “It was overwhelming to see so many people at today’s meeting, from both near and far, demonstrating just how widespread are the concerns about Sizewell C & D. A majority of those who expressed their views this morning had reached the conclusion that the project should not go ahead, being too big and in the wrong place. It is telling how many people have changed their minds from being previously supportive or at least not opposed to the project, but have become appalled by the sheer scale and the reality of EDF’s current proposals. Whatever their views, we urge everyone to respond to EDF’s Stage 3 consultations by 29 March.”

Supporters are also being encouraged to take action by:


TEAGS: info@teags.org. Co Chairs Alison Downes, 07711 843884 or Paul Collins, 01728 635097, www.facebook.com/teags.org, @TEAGonSizewell.

Theberton and Eastbridge Parish Council: Chair Steve Brett, 07503 320645, stephen.brett@hotmail.co.uk

B1122 Action Group: Chair Charles Macdowell c.n.macdowell@gmail.com, 01728 648217, www.facebook.com/B1122relief

MLSG: Secretary Paul Collins, paul.f.collins1@gmail.comwww.facebook.com/MinsmereLevels