Unregistered Society

Adopted 20 April 2018

Part 1

1) Adoption of the Constitution

The Society and its funds will be administered and managed in accordance with the provisions in Parts 1 and 2 of this Constitution.

2) The Name

The Society’s name is: Theberton and Eastbridge Action Group on Sizewell C and in this document is called the Society or TEAGS.

3) The Objects & Area of Benefit of the Society/TEAGS

OBJECTS: “To lawfully seek to minimise the cumulative impacts on the Parish of Theberton and Eastbridge and surrounding environment of proposals for the construction and operation of new twin reactors at Sizewell by EDF or other Developers. Specifically to:

    • Oppose the location of a construction workers’ accommodation campus at Eastbridge
    • Promote the building of a dedicated relief road to remove dependency on the B1122 and
  • Protect the local environment.”

This mandate has been given to TEAGS by residents of the Parish of Theberton and Eastbridge and shall be reviewed and renewed as appropriate until Sizewell C is constructed and operating, or permanently cancelled. Any resident of Theberton and Eastbridge parish may request the Steering Group to renew the mandate, but it is for the Steering Group to decide if such a request is accepted.

AREA of BENEFIT: “The Parish of Theberton and Eastbridge and surrounding area.”

4) Applications of the Income and Property

i. The income of TEAGS shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the Objects & Area of Benefit.

ii. A Steering Group member may pay out of, or be reimbursed from, the property of TEAGS reasonable expenses properly incurred by him or her when acting on behalf of TEAGS and with the Chair’s approval.

iii. No Steering Group member may be paid or receive any other benefit for being a Steering Group member.

iv. A Steering Group member must absent him or herself from any discussions of the Steering Group in which it is possible that a conflict of interest may arise and take no part in voting upon the matter.

5) Dissolution

i. lf the Steering Group resolve to dissolve TEAGS, then the Steering Group will be responsible for winding up the affairs of the Society.

ii. The Steering Group must dispose of any assets to another deserving organisation with a presence in the Parish or local area.

iii. In no circumstances shall the net assets of the Society be paid to or distributed among individual Steering Group members of TEAGS.

6) Amendments

i. The Steering Group may amend any provision contained in Part 1 of this constitution, except the Aims & Objects. A resolution to amend Part 1 of the Constitution must be passed by not less than two thirds of the Steering Group present and voting at a general meeting.

ii. Part 2 of the Constitution may be amended by resolution by a simple majority at a general meeting.

Part 2

7) Membership of the Steering Group

i. The Steering Group shall consist of a minimum of 6 and maximum of 15 members.

ii. The Steering Group shall have no less than 75% of its members being residents of the Parish of Theberton and Eastbridge. Any resident of Theberton and Eastbridge parish, with an interest in the work of TEAGS and sufficient time to attend meetings and carry out decisions, may request to join the Steering Group. Such requests will normally be granted unless the maximum number of Steering Group members has been exceeded.

iii. The Steering Group may co-opt members (up to a maximum of 15) with relevant expertise from neighbouring parishes and organisations whose objects are compatible with TEAGS.

iv. TEAGS must keep a register of names and addresses of the Steering Group, which must be made available to any Steering Group member or parishioner on request. Steering Group members must declare other organisations that they are a organising member of.

v. No-one shall be excluded from or discriminated against by the Steering Group on the basis of race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, religious or political belief or affiliation, trade union membership, age, health, gender, gender reassignment, marital status, parental status, caring responsibilities, sexual orientation, disability, socio-economic background, educational background, ex-offender status, or any other inappropriate distinction.

vi. Any Steering Group member who does not attend more than five consecutive meetings may be asked by the Chair(s) to step down.

8) General meetings

i. An Annual General Meeting which is open to residents of the Theberton and Eastbridge Parish must be held within 15 months of adoption of this constitution.

ii. An Annual General Meeting which is open to residents of the Theberton and Eastbridge Parish must be held in each subsequent year and not more than 15 months may elapse between successive Annual General Meetings.

9) Notice

i. The minimum period of notice required to hold any general meeting of the Steering Group is fourteen clear days from the date on which the notice is deemed to have been given. The Chair(s) will normally call such meetings but any Steering Group member may request that a meeting is convened.

ii. The notice, which may be made by email, must specify the date, time and place of the meeting and the outline agenda of the business to be transacted. If the meeting is an annual general meeting, the notice must say so.

iii. The notice must be given to all Steering Group members.

10) Quorum.

i. No business shall be transacted at a general meeting unless at least five Steering Group members are present.

ii. lf a quorum is not present the meeting must be reconvened, giving at least seven days notice, stating date, time and place of the meeting.

iii. lf no quorum is present at the re-convened meeting, the members present at that time shall constitute the quorum for that meeting.

11) Chair

i. General meetings shall be chaired by the person or persons who has/have been elected by the Steering Group as Chair.

ii.If such a person is not present a Steering Group member nominated by the meeting will Chair the proceedings.

12) Adjournments

i. The Steering Group members present at a meeting may resolve that the meeting shall be adjourned.

ii. The Chair must decide the date, time and place at which the meeting is to be re-convened.

13) Votes

i. Each Steering Group member will have one vote. If there is an equality of the votes the designated Chair of the meeting in question will have a casting vote in addition to any other vote he/she may have.

ii. The Steering Group will generally operate on a consensus basis. A vote may be called on (but not limited to) the following:

    • any project or activity that Steering Group members do not have a consensus on
    • that requires expenditure of more than £500,
    • an amendment to policy but still within the mandate
    • a change in the mandate
    • a change in the constitution
  • dissolution of the Society

14) Officers

i. The Society shall have the following Officers.

– A Chairperson or persons

– A Secretary

– A Treasurer

ii. The Steering Group members at the Annual General Meeting will elect the Officers.

iii. Each Officer shall retire with effect from the conclusion of the annual general meeting after/ his or her appointment but shall be eligible for re-election at that annual general meeting.

15) Financial and Other Regulation

i. The Society shall maintain a bank account, with – at a minimum – three of the following as signatories: Chair(s), Secretary and Treasurer.

ii. The bank account shall require two signatories on any cheque or payment authorisation. Any expenditure relating to a projects that exceeds £500 shall be subject to a vote for prior approval at a general meeting or by email with a minimum of 7 days’ notice.

iii. The Treasurer will be responsible for ensuring that they or a designated book-keeper will keep hard copies of documentation to show all income and outgoings, and these will be always available to the Steering Group as requested.

iv. Annual financial statements shall be prepared for each financial year and published on the TEAGS website and made available to any parishioner of Theberton and Eastbridge.

v. All data held by TEAGS, including contact details of supporters, will be managed in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

16) Rules

i. The Steering Group may from time to time make rules or bye-laws for the conduct of their business.

ii. All Steering Group members should inform the Chair(s) – in advance wherever possible – of any on-record conversations with representatives of the media and ensure all statements are consistent with TEAGS policy.

iii. The bye-laws may regulate the following matters but are not restricted to them:

a) The admission of Steering Group members, their rights and privileges as such.

b) The conduct of Steering Group members in relation to one another, and to the Society’s volunteers.

c) The procedure at meetings.

d) The keeping and authenticating of records.

iv. The Society in general meetings has the power to alter add to or repeal the rules or bye-laws.

v. The rules or bye-laws shall be binding on all Steering Group members. No rule or bye-law shall be inconsistent with, or shall affect or repeal anything contained in, this constitution.

Theberton and Eastbridge Action Group on Sizewell


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