Objection to Sizewell B facilities relocation

EDF has applied for planning permission to relocate and “upgrade” facilities at Sizewell B – application DC/19/1637/FUL . TEAGS opposes this application and encourages supporters to send objections to East Suffolk Council. Send an email to planning@eastsuffolk.gov.uk, or write to East Suffolk Council Planning, Riverside, 4 Canning Road, Lowestoft, NR33 0EQ, by 5pm on Thursday 23 May, referencing application DC/19/1637/FUL.

TEAGSs’ view is that EDF’s application should only be considered as part of a Sizewell C Development Consent Order (DCO) procedure for the following reasons:

  • The primary purpose for relocating Sizewell B facilities is to make space for Sizewell C. It would be inappropriate to approve a development that would remove around 90% of Coronation Wood and up to 50% of Pill Box Field when the DCO request for Sizewell C has neither been submitted nor approved, and when the National Policy Statement on site selection for new nuclear reactors is under review.
  • The cumulative impact on communities and the environment of this proposal and other proposed energy infrastructure will be considerable. The County Council and former Suffolk Coastal District Council have worked hard to ensure these projects are designated as Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs), and given the interconnectedness of this application with EDF’s Sizewell C proposals, we consider it is inappropriate to exclude this part of the project from the NSIP / DCO process.
  • In the event of Sizewell C not going ahead, it would be unacceptable for landscape to have been destroyed for no reason. EDF should be able to upgrade its facilities without further damage to the landscape.
  • With the interconnectedness of this project with Sizewell C, we consider it is ironic that EDF is seeking permission from East Suffolk Council when the County Council and former Suffolk Coastal District Council – major statutory consultees – are withholding their support for Sizewell C.
  • For more information, view or download our full response below.