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Our press reaction to Stage 4 proposals can be read here:

Come and visit us and our mobile exhibition ‘Sizewell Concerns’ at the following locations, or view our exhibition boards at

* Friday 19 – Sunday 21 July, Latitude Festival
* Tuesday 23 July 2pm – 8pm, Leiston 
Quaker Meeting Rooms (EDF @ United Reform)
* Wednesday 24 July 1pm – 6pm, Yoxford Cricket Pavilion (EDF @ Village Hall)
* Thursday 25 July, 5pm – 8pm, Theberton and Eastbridge Village Hall.
* Friday 26 July 2pm – 8pm, Woodbridge Community Hall, Hutchinson Room. (EDF at Community Hall)
* Saturday 3 August, 2pm – 4pm, Darsham Fete & Village Hall Opening
* Saturday 24 August from 2pm, Middleton Fete, supporting the B1122 Action Group,

Read more about the proposals below or download our leaflet here


EDF’s huge construction plans will affect us all

  •  Over 1,100 HGVs a day, plus park & ride buses, vans and cars.
  •  3 and 4 storey campus for 2,400 workers close to Eastbridge.
  • Threats to the most biodiverse UK wildlife habitat and fragile Heritage coast. 
  • Tourism businesses will be hit. Visitors will face disruption, noise and pollution, spoilt landscapes, closed footpaths and beaches.

Join us to help keep the Suffolk coast a special place – whatever your views on nuclear power. Make your voice heard!

COME TO OUR PUBLIC MEETING, 10am, Saturday 14 September 2019 at St Peter’s Church, Theberton IP16 4SA, Hosted by TEAGS and Theberton & Eastbridge Parish Council and featuring special guest Richard Cuttell from Hinkley Point.At the meeting we will discuss ways to respond to the consultations for this project – the largest ever in the East of England – and to maximise pressure on EDF.


At this 4th stage of public consultations we, and those we represent, remain deeply concerned that the construction of Sizewell C&D will place an intolerable burden on our small rural parishes, on the many visitors and on our unique environment.

Environment: Construction will threaten two Sites of Special Scientific Interest including the nationally treasured Minsmere Reserve. It will damage the unique qualities that make this part of Suffolk so special – peace, tranquility and dark night skies – and drive visitors away. Habitats that host many rare birds, animals and plants will be lost forever. EDF’s proposed mitigation land for marsh harriers is a token gesture, and the RSPB “still believes that Sizewell is not a suitable location for a new nuclear power station”.

Our view: EDF’s plans will cut the AONB in half for at least a decade. There are no guarantees it can protect sensitive local environments sufficiently. We call on EDF to publish its full Environmental Impact Assessment before applying for planning consent.  

  • The project is enormous – too big for the setting and land available. The government suggests that a single new nuclear power station should occupy 30 hectares (based on Sizewell B). Sizewell C & D are squeezed into only 32 hectares and leaves the proposed coastal defence well short of the spring tide low watermark.
  • EDF’s construction laydown areas, accommodation site, spoil heaps, quarries and causeway crossing of the SSSI will damage the fragile hydrology of the Minsmere Levels, Sizewell Marsh and, consequently, affect the Minsmere Sluice. Changes in the management of water run-off could overwhelm or cause drying of sensitive ecosystems. The SSSI crossing will alter the drainage of Sizewell Marsh, damaging this important habitat.
  • We are concerned about the potential effect on long term coastal processes of a beach landing facility and the reinforcement of the Sizewell C platform. 
  • When the quarry pits are filled in with excavated materials, water pollution could occur over many decades as materials are leached into the aquifer and Minsmere Levels. The spoil heaps, which may rise to 35m (as high as a 10-storey building), could cause significant dust pollution to the AONB, Minsmere Levels and Sizewell Marsh.

Accommodation: EDF refuses to change its plans to build a temporary new ‘town’ for 2,400 workers, with 3-4 storey blocks, car parks and leisure facilities, on a greenfield site close to Minsmere and next to Eastbridge, a hamlet of 50 people. 

Our view: The ‘campus’ will damage this sensitive environment and place an unfair burden on Leiston, Eastbridge and Theberton. EDF has ignored the concerns of local residents, the County and District Councils and our MP. Noise, air and light pollution, increase in local traffic, and potential for anti-socials behaviour will affect our health and wellbeing.

  • We urge EDF to change its accommodation strategy and move or split the campus. EDF has rejected studies commissioned by Suffolk County Council into dispersed sites in more urban settings. At EDF’s Hinkley site 500 workers are housed on site and 1,000 in Bridgwater where the site is laid out in preparation for new housing afterwards. EDF states that this is not popular with contractors – do their views count more than ours?

Transport: EDF is now consulting on three transport strategies, all relying mainly on road:

  • The ‘Rail-led Strategy’, using 5 trains a day, would still send up to 700 HGVs as well as Park & Ride buses along the B1122, a winding country road through Yoxford and Middleton Moor, while by-passing Theberton. A proposed roundabout at the junction with the A12 at Yoxford would not be able to cope. But EDF is unsure if 5 trains per day is even possible.
  • The ‘Road-led Strategy’ (2 trains a day) adds a poorly chosen Link Road from the A12, carrying up to 1,150 HGVs a day near all 3 villages, operating potentially 24/7. This route has so little long-term value that EDF is thinking about removing it after construction.
  • EDF’s new ‘Integrated Strategy’ option would carry up to 1,000 HGVs a day, using the Link Road/Bypass, and have three trains per day.
  • Construction would start before any new roads or Park & Rides are ready. In these ‘early years’ up to 600 trucks a day and several hundred cars would use the current B1122.

Our view: None of these strategies are satisfactory. A token Theberton by-pass still places an unfair burden of congestion, noise, pollution, vibration damage and accidents on local people and visitors. EDF’s Link Road would run too close to many homes, break up communities and spoil the landscape with cuttings and embankments. We need a better route – and it must be ready before construction starts.

  • We support the County Council’s interest in a direct route from the A12 south of Saxmundham that has long-term benefit for Leiston and the local area, and avoids any villages. EDF says it has commissioned an independent study that supports their route – but they refuse to make it public.

Tourism: We believe the AONB’s £210m tourism industry will be hit hard. Traffic, noise, dust, loss of access and short and long-term eye-sores – including unacceptable new pylons around the reactors – will deter visitors to Minsmere, Dunwich, Thorpeness and Aldeburgh. 

Benefits? County and District Councils are not yet convinced the benefits outweigh the impacts. With accommodation planned for 3,000 people, more than half the peak workforce will not be local. EDF’s hopes to slash 20% off the cost, partly by using the Hinkley supply chain, which will cut any local economic and employment benefits.

Energy Policy: The government is expected to announce a new nuclear finance model called the ‘Regulated Asset Base’ (RAB). EDF wants all UK energy customers to pay £6/year to help finance Sizewell C. At least 6 other energy projects are planned for the area, to serve offshore wind farms. Construction will overlap with Sizewell – but the government is unable to take account of the combined effects! EDF aims to apply for Planning Consent in 2020. 


  • Come to our Public Meeting on Saturday 14 September 2019, 10am, St Peter’s Church, Theberton IP16 4SA. We strongly encourage you to attend this meeting prior to finalising your response to the consultation if at all possible.
  • Deadline for Stage 4 Consultations responses is 27 September. If you cannot attend our Public Meeting, check around 14 September for our detailed recommendations on points to raise in your response. When you are ready to make your response, send your letter to EDF, Freepost SZC Consultation, or email to (Please note we do not recommend completing EDF’s questionnaire at Stage 4).
  • Copy your response or any other correspondence with EDF to: 
    • The Planning Inspectorate, Temple Quay House, Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6PN 
    • Dr Therese Coffey MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA,
    • Cllr Matthew Hicks, Leader, Suffolk County Council, Endeavour House, 
    • 8 Russell Road, Ipswich IP1 2BX. 
    • Cllr Craig Rivett, East Suffolk Council, East Suffolk House, Station Road, Melton, Woodbridge IP12 1RT.
  • Be a #SizewellHero and ask friends and family to send a message of concern to EDF via our online action:
  • Watch and share our videos on Facebook and Twitter, and follow us on social media

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  • Donate: Support all three Groups who are hosting this exhibition by donating online via or by cheque ℅ Old Store, Eastbridge IP16 4SJ. 
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TEAGS: Paul Collins 01728 635097 or Alison Downes 07711 843884

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Theberton and Eastbridge Action Group on Sizewell


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