Sizewell proposed plan

Summary of Concerns


1. Environmental Issues

  • Is Sizewell the right place for a new nuclear power station? Other sites have been rejected on environmental grounds, yet the AONB and SSSI national status and international site designations at RSPB Minsmere, and in and around Sizewell, appear to have been overridden.
  • The high risk of flooding. Flooding is recognised as a potential threat to nuclear waste storage, so why is the risk not a priority issue for further investigation?
  • What will be the impact on our fragile coastline? The instability of the coastline, exacerbated by surges, is well documented. What will be the effect of the construction and of the sea jetty on long-shore drift?  Read more….

2.  Transport issues

  • The combined effect of a massive increase in traffic and a huge influx of workers would be completely out of scale with the area (and its infrastructure). A very small country parish of a few hundred would be turned into an industrial town of several thousand people. How can the current proposals be justified?
  • The B1122 is the only route in and out of the site and is demonstrably quite unfit for purpose. Why is it expected to cope?
  • Many historic buildings on the B1122, including the Church of St Peter, Theberton and St Mary’s Abbey, Leiston, both Grade 1 listed, would be adversely affected by the increase in heavy traffic.
  • Will the principle of a separate access road to the site, such as the D2, now be openly and fully addressed?
  • When will fully-researched traffic modelling reports be available?
  • There is little evidence yet that rail will be adequately used. Why?
  • Too little information about the realistic capacity for sea transport has been made available. Why?
  • Emergency planning proposals are woefully unrealistic. Why?

3. Accommodation Issues

  • EDF Energy’s ‘preferred’ location for accommodation for 3,000 workers, next to Eastbridge, will swamp the tiny village and completely overwhelm the local infrastructure.
  • Why is Sizewell being treated so differently from EDF’s intended new build at Hinkley Point in Somerset, where workers’ accommodation will be spread over several smaller sites?
  • Why are there no legacy housing proposals? Evidence from Hinkley shows this is possible, in planning terms.
  • The build will bring noise and light pollution. Why are these factors not given more attention? Read more….

4. Wider issues of concern

  • How long will construction really last?
  • How many local people will actually benefit from the employment and education opportunities?
  • What will be the real impact on farming?
  • What will be the real impact on tourism?
  • Why is there so little evidence of open debate about Sizewell C among elected representatives?
  • Who will hear our voices? What opportunities will we have to respond to more detailed proposals by EDF Energy before they are submitted for planning approval?
  • Safety issues, including concerns at the current emergency evacuation provisions, questions about the implications of the Chinese state-owned energy company involvement, and the unresolved problem of nuclear waste storage. Read more….


Theberton and Eastbridge Action Group on Sizewell


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