Transport Presentation 7 January

Notes of the Presentation on Transport by Charles Macdowell, B1122 Action Group & TEAGS; Public Meeting 7 January 2017

“Good morning. I am Charles Macdowell, and I chair the B1122 Action Group.

Let’s just look at what EDF expects our little road to carry. If you take the peak of 900 HGVs per day seen on our posters, add the Park & Ride buses and the current trucks and buses, and you reach a total of 1,090 to 1,540. To put it in perspective, that peak is more than is carried by the M6 Toll, or the M20 at its junction with the M25.

And this doesn’t include 700 daily goods vehicles and vans under 3.5 tonnes.

And they are based on EDF’s intentions for sea and rail transport. If they are unable to implement them for practical reasons, we can expect yet more trucks.

But it doesn’t stop there – the B1122 will be the access route for emergency vehicles to Sizewell – and it will be the primary evacuation route. It is as if EDF are treating it like a child’s game of Jenga, piling demands on the B1122 until it collapses.

So what does this mean if you live on the B1122?  Noise, Pollution (especially in Yoxford), Vibration damage, Loss of property values.

Even off the B1122 you will suffer from the congestion and loss of access – for school runs, ambulances for example – and the effects on tourism. There will also be rat-running as anyone who lived through Sizewell B will tell you, as people try to avoid the congestion.

And if there are hold ups due to accidents or repairs, EDF says there will be ‘diversionary routes’. Where?

We met EDF two days ago, as you have heard. They admitted that they haven’t tested the structure of the road. They do not know if it can cope. And they won’t test it until after Stage 3 of the consultation – by which time it will be too late for alternatives.

There is an alternative.

The D2 Relief Route was formulated for Sizewell B. Suffolk County Council commissioned an independent report two years ago which re-validated that route. It is still good.

When we met EDF, Jim Crawford, C’s Project Director, told us that safety is his number one priority. That independent report stated that building D2 would prevent 151 injuries and fatalities – but when we put that to him he said the question was “emotive”.

So please

Include D2 in your questionnaire. Write. Get your friends and neighbours to write. Put up one of our posters.

Thank you.”

Theberton and Eastbridge Action Group on Sizewell


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